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Dronetag is an IoT device designed to make drones smarter, connected and safe for airspace access. Using the newest standardized wireless technologies it provides real-time drone identification and gateway for drone peripherals.

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E-identification of your drone solved in a breeze

Whether you're planning a mission control with multiple drones, or just want to be ready for incoming legislation changes, Dronetag will help you with real‑time identification of your drone.

Dronetag uses the most modern and widely deployed cellular network to meet European legal requirements for real‑time drone identification. It also provides Bluetooth connectivity as a fallback for a line‑of‑sight communication.

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A communication gateway for all your peripherals

Have you ever wanted to connect your custom electronics to your drone and control them remotely? We offer a solution that does not interfere with the drone and has unlimited range, thanks to cellular connection.

Dronetag comes with an open‑source interface that allows operating either our or custom peripherals. We will offer various high‑quality peripherals such as airdrop, speaker, spotlight and meteorological sensors, but you can always create your own.

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Forget flight books, manage your flights in our app

The Dronetag companion app for Android and iOS contains a whole lot of useful functions for pre‑flight checks, gathering information during and even after your flight.

Discover up‑to‑date airspace rules and zones, be a part of the community by contacting the nearby pilots or check the current weather conditions. Using Dronetag sensors, you can perform various status analysis and get various health checks of your drone.


  • Battery powered

    We designed the Dronetag so it can operate a whole day without need to charge it. But if you find charging annoying, you can simply power it from your drone.

  • Intelligent and intuitive

    Don't worry about remembering to turn it on. Dronetag powers up automatically once your drone takes off and goes to sleep when you finish your flight.

  • Standalone

    Third-party flight applications can be less stable than the official one. Dronetag is hardware-based and will keep your software choice freedom.

  • Proven and safe

    Dronetag is made in a way that doesn't interfere with your drone. We make sure that no signal is obstructed and none flight abilities of your drone are affected.

Available in two variants

Dronetag Mini Rendering

Dronetag Mini

Size and weight optimized version providing an extension port for connecting your peripherals and real‑time identification using GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. Built for smaller drones category (such as DJI Mavic and larger).

Dronetag Pro Rendering

Dronetag Pro

Professional-grade version for large drones such as DJI Inspire or Matrice. This version will offer more precise telemetric data, optional geolocation with centimeter-level accuracy and multiple extension ports.


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Meet our team

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  • Photo of Marián Hlaváč
  • Photo of Karel Čech
  • Photo of Adam Podroužek

We started in November 2018, when we won in a competition Space Application Hackathon 2018 and decided not to leave the idea right after the event. We steadily continued working on the project and assembled a team of drone specialist with 5 years of drone experience, and developers with up to 8 years of experience in the field.

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Latest news

Touch the future with Dronetag at Future Port Prague 2019

On 10 and 11 September, the Prague Exhibition Center will transform into a gate to the future as part of the Future Port Prague festival, and it will offer futuristic technologies insights to all coming visitors. Drones are one of the main topics, so it is no surprise that Dronetag will be one of the exhibitors. As part of this third year anniversary of this festival, we will be showcasing prototypes of Dronetag Pro and Dronetag Mini at our booth.

Written on 09 September 2019

Dronetag won a ticket to Slush 2019 conference

Dronetag, along with another ten start-ups, managed to win a ticket to the most significant technological conference Slush 2019, which is held between 21.–22.11.2019 in Helsinki. Attendance of Dronetag on this significant conference opens yet unprecedented opportunities to create contacts with possible investors and key partners in drone segment. One of the undisputed advantages is also a promotion in the international start-up community.

Written on 25 August 2019