drone strike destroyed an Iranian military base

A drone strike destroyed an Iranian military base

Satellite images show a military workshop in Isfahan, Iran being vandalized by an Israeli drone.

Satellite images analyzed by the Associated Press on Friday show damage to a military workshop by an Israeli drone strike in what Iran says is the latest attack in a shadowy war between the two countries.

Although Iran has yet to determine what the facility is producing, the drone strike could escalate tensions in the region. Concern is growing that Tehran is enriching uranium closer to weapons-grade levels than before, and a top UN nuclear official has warned that the Islamic republic has enough fuel to make it.” several” nuclear bombs if you want.

At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was ousted from office due to increasing attacks in Iran, returned to his post and expressed the view that Tehran is the main security threat. for the country. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said today that Iran had “wasted the opportunity” to return to the nuclear deal with world powers and it was unclear which diplomatic measure would immediately defuse tensions. between Tehran and the West.

Cloudy weather obscured a satellite image of the workshop by an Iranian bomb-carrying quadcopter helicopter on the night of January 28. Quadcopter gets its name from the four propellers and is usually controlled at close range by remote control.

A photo taken by PBC Planet Labs on Thursday shows the workshop in the central Iranian city of Isfahan, about 350 kilometers south of the capital Tehran. An Associated Press analysis of the photos showed damage to the building’s roof compared to earlier photos of the workshop. The damage matched images released by Iranian state television shortly after the attack, which showed at least two holes in the roof of the building.

Iranian state television footage and satellite images show that the roof of the building is also constructed of what is known as “laminated armor”. This structure is similar to a cage built around a roof or armored vehicle to prevent missiles, rockets or bomb-carrying drones from hitting the target.

Installing such a defense system in the workshop would allow Iran to target drones.

Iran’s intelligence ministry confirmed in July that it had prevented an attempt to target sensitive areas around Isfahan. In October, a clip aired on Iranian state television claimed that members of the Komala party, a Kurdish opposition group banned by Iran and now based in Iraq, had planned to attack the city. Isfahan street after Israel training. Mossad Aerospace Intelligence Service Military Facility.

It is not known whether the military workshop hit by the drone was an aerospace facility. Iran’s mission to the United Nations did not immediately respond to requests for comment on satellite images and other questions about the panel.

He came to face his theocratic mother abroad. Mahsa, a Kurd, was arrested by the police during the protests. It is the new currency for them. Meanwhile, Iran is vowing to launch a missile attack on Ukraine’s military bases and civilian objects.

Israel wird verdächtigt, eine Reihe von Angriffen auf den Iran башталды zu haben, daunter einen Angriff auf seine unterirdische Atomicanlage in Natanz im April 2021, bei dem seine Zenrifugen beschätzlich wurden. sein beste militärischer Nuklearwissenschaftler getött wurde.

Israel has not commented on this drone attack. However, Israeli officials rarely acknowledge operations carried out by the country’s secret military units or the Mossad.

In a letter published Thursday by Iran’s ambassador to the UN, Amir Saeid Iravani, said that “early investigations suggest that the Israeli regime was responsible for this attempted act of aggression.” The letter, however, did not elaborate on what evidence supported Iran’s suspicion.