Get two 4K drones for $150 less than the price of one

Build your own army of drones with the Alpha Z Pro Ultra HD Dual Camera Drone and the Flying Fox Ultra HD Dual Camera Drone Bundle for $149.99.

Definitely a good thing, but seriously, who can’t use an entire fleet of drones with cameras? This is a great opportunity for anyone in the drone market to get amazing results with the Alpha Z Pro Ultra HD Dual Camera Drone and the Flying Dual Camera Drone Fox Ultra HD. A deep 2-in-1 deal.

Take a look at the list of features and you will see that these two drones are ready to compete for the top spot in your lap. 

The Alpha Z Pro is the perfect drone for beginners. Featuring a six-axis gyroscope and a headless design for faster shooting and positioning, this amazing drone helps new pilots take off, land, move forward or backward using its navigation system. Simple and intuitive four-channel control.

Designed to meet tough landing requirements, the Alpha Z has useful features such as an endurance mode to stay in the air and intelligent flight control so the user can plot the path. of the drone on a smart device and adjust it. Airplane mode. , and one-button auto-return function, just press the button to bring the drone home.

The Alpha Z Pro is also a strong base for photography and video recording, aided by a wide-angle 4K front camera and a 720p bottom camera in the all-important second angle.

The Flying Fox is the perfect companion to the Alpha Z Pro, sharing many of the same intuitive flight features and still recording 4K video.

The Alpha Z flies in jet black, while the Flying Fox flies in upbeat silver. According to an article on FinanceBuzz, flying drones is a fun hobby, but it’s also a great way to earn passive income.