Is buying a drone for bitcoins still profitable?

Buy Your First Drone
Buy Your First Drone

This question is asked by many people who have cryptocurrencies on their wallets, including Bitcoins. The daily fluctuation of the rate is very large, which means that converting the cost of the drone into dollars may be unfavorable for us. But with the recent drops in the bitcoin price, is the purchase of a drone further unfavorable?

How much is 1 bitcoin converted into US dollars?

The rate fluctuation is so large within one hour that it is impossible to say how much one bitcoin costs. It is best to look at the graphs that show the current rate. With regard to the current biotcoin exchange rate, decisions should be made whether the purchase will be profitable for us. At the time of writing, the rate is 70K for one bitcoin, which of course will be different at the time of reading dear user. Therefore, if you hit the “low” rate, the purchase will be successful in your favor, sellers do not change the price of the drone expressed in bitcoin as quickly as the rate changes, so when you are lucky, you will make a good purchase.

How long does it take to mine 1 bitcoin?

Many readers now think whether it would be better to mine bitcoin than to buy it on the cryptocurrency exchange. To mine 1 bitcoin, you must have very good equipment for this purpose. It must have a lot of computing power. An investment in bitcoin mining equipment and its proper maintenance exceeds the purchase of a mid-class drone several times, which makes such an investment unprofitable. People who decide to mine bitcoin on their own must ask themselves a legal question about the legality of such an undertaking.

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Is Bitcoin Mining Legal

Each country has the right to create its own laws to regulate cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. This means that in one place it will be legal in another. You should consider how a given country in which illegal bitcoin mining is going to look for people who deal with it. I will not go into such detailed information on this blog. You can find a lot of information on this topic on the Internet. In particular, people who have a lot of miners may be afraid, people who treat it more as an investment than digging bitcoins for small purchases such as buying a drone.

Is it possible to mine bitcoins on a mobile phone?

Of course, it is possible, but due to the low computing power of processors in phones, it is not practiced. It would take a long time to extract a bitcoin, or even so long, that this is a method that is not used. Be careful against these types of applications that offer high profits because they are applications that will try to extort data from the user. In the worst case, he will be robbed of his savings. Therefore, you should not try to mine bitcoins on your mobile phone. You can read more about bitcoin mining at

How to buy bitcoin with your money?

Since the mining of bitcoins is not very profitable, how and where can you buy them. There will be no step-by-step guide on how to buy bitcoin. Such a purchase is made on cryptocurrency exchanges offering the purchase and sale of bitcons. Often, such exchanges offer the sale of other cryptocurrencies. You should remember and keep this in mind, in order to handle bitcoin transactions, you must have a special wallet. At the moment, there is no bank (according to the law and requirements in a given country) that would handle such a payment. Bitcoin was written by programmers who made sure that the people who make the transaction can maintain their anonymity, of course, after meeting a few points. Nevertheless, buying and selling in cryptocurrencies is safe. People who are starting to introduce themselves to the world of virtual money make more and more purchases, pay cryptocurrencies start to think about investing in them.

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How do beginners invest to Bitcoin?

This is an inherent question that comes to mind when discussing cryptocurrencies. Each investment, regardless of whether it is investing money in cryptocurrencies or other broadly understood goods, carries the risk of losing money. Keep this in mind. Offering high profits in a short time has become an incentive and a kind of a decoy to invest your money in bitcoin. As a result, many companies have emerged on the market that only expect payment sometimes and not little money in order to start investing. Which can only testify to the dishonest behavior of such companies.