Russian military experts have admitted that the Kreml used Iranian drones in Ukraine

Iran sent military personnel
Iran sent military personnel

The testimony of a military expert who said he was not present at the scene of the incident was captured by a Russian television channel.

A Russian military expert accidentally admitted on live television that the Kreml used Iranian drones to attack Ukraine. Ruslan Pukhov, answering questions from journalists, said that he did not think the performance had already begun.

In an interview with Russia’s RBC channel, which provides information and analysis on Russia’s economic and social situation, Pukhov asked his interviewers not to ask too many questions about “drones.” of Iran” because “the authorities do not recognize them“. a cough. “This went ahead of schedule. From a reporter:

Don’t ask too much about this type of drone. We all know they are Iranian, but the authorities won’t admit it.

The video went viral after the European Union announced its first sanctions against Iran for supplying Russia with kamikaze drones to bomb Ukraine.

It has frozen the assets of 3 people and 5 companies allegedly “responsible for supplying drones” – one of which was immediately frozen, which Russia and Iran have denied.

Russia says it should not trade abroad because it has its own production capabilities, while Iran defies sanctions.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabudorakhian said that Iran has not yet sent the Sahed-136 drone to Russia.

We have strong military cooperation with Moscow, but our policy towards the war in Ukraine is not to send weapons.