Here’s where viral stories combine humor

Drone Tracking Apps
Drone Tracking Apps

Drone messaging: TikTok, and remote social networking: Here’s where viral stories combine humor

In the age of social distancing, most dating life has come to a standstill. As going out became a health hazard, digital tools like FaceTime and Zoom, along with good old cell phones, changed our past, helping us meet new people. and keep in touch with old people only through screens and cables.

But that didn’t stop Brooklyn, New York-based photographer Jeremy Cohen from photographing the complex from afar. Over the weekend, Cohen sent a modern message in a bottle: He flew a drone from his balcony to give phone numbers to people on nearby rooftops to avoid viruses. violate social distancing measures due to the corona virus. (New York is currently home to 15,000 of the estimated 440,000 global cases of COVID-19 and is subject to a stay-at-home order.) What have been the results of Cohen’s efforts? Long-distance “dates,” followed by meetings and sumptuous dinners, are all recorded on TikTok.

Cohen’s subject of interest, Tori Signarella, who went viral with the mysterious young woman in the video, was attending a party on the roof of his Bushwick apartment building when people descended and released energy in the form of dancing in front of unexpected audiences. . “That’s who I’m facing and I’m dancing,” she told TIME. – If possible, I like to make people laugh. Watching her live dance moves from afar, Cohen wondered if she could make a dance video on TikTok. But this is not true. “That’s where I danced in the high school musical, ‘Here We Are’,” she said. “It’s crooked, but it’s meant to be!

Cignarella, who helps organize chores around town, has been working remotely with her roommate for the past few days. Cohen, a freelance photographer who often shoots events like music festivals, has kept her apartment private since earlier this week. live alone. The couple noted that people are taking advantage of the cooler days, maintaining safe social distancing and spreading out in tents in their neighborhood. (Cohen even took pictures for the story.)

At one point, Cohen waved at Signarella as they danced. He answered correctly.

I love meeting new people. So if someone waved at me, I would turn around and not walk away,

she said.

This interaction was enough for Cohen to decide that he needed to find a way to communicate. “Honestly, I feel like I have a strange connection to him,” she told TIME.

He and his friend thought they should use drones to spread the numbers. “I think it’s going to be a really good opportunity,” he said. For her part, Cignarella must have been surprised by the unexpected turn of events. It was a ‘divine’ moment – oh my god, is this happening now?” he said as the receiver of the drone.

Although the drone was a bit shaky at first, Cignarella eventually saved Cohen’s number and attached it to the device. Cignarelli’s phone died in the process, so it took an hour to respond. But after texting and making sure they were safe from the drones, they set up a virtual meeting, sat at separate tables in a nearby tent, and got to know each other via video phone despite the snobs. city’s coronavirus restrictions.

What was the result “Everything went well,” Cignarella said? “I won’t go into details, but I can say that everything is going well.

Cohen describes himself as an “optimist” (“hopefully romantic” on his TikTok profile) for whom staying home in the city is the only way to get creative and try new things. “I wouldn’t miss an opportunity,” he said. – I think, yes, it will be worse. Cignarella agrees: “Romantic or not, at least I have a boyfriend. Even if he lives on the street: I still want to be friends. I want to talk to him and hope the quarantine order will come soon. remove“.

Perhaps more importantly, Cohen and Signarelli’s sweet reunion brought clarity and light to the internet when it needed it most. Thanks to the video of Cohen’s experience, people can learn his story. He sees his storytelling career as a hobby of sharing stories, and TikTok is another tool in his creative arsenal. Drone videos currently have nearly 30 million views on the platform, perhaps reflecting our shared thirst for content that brings joy.

Social distancing is a state of isolation. But Cohen and Signarella prove that human connection can find a way—even if it doesn’t have to be outside. “If Tinder and Bumble don’t work, try piloting the drone!” Cohen joked. Just remember to wash your hands often.