Sex phone with live video broadcast

When the first drone was produced, no one thought that they would be so popular and would be so widely used in everyday life as well as during work, which may consist in creating the interlocutor’s imagination by balancing the sound of spoken words that my erotic color and now you can also add an image of your own naked body.

Recently, we have noticed a lot of interest in drones that can transmit the image in real time online to an external server in order to share it with “the whole world”. It wouldn’t be surprising if it wasn’t for the fact that this transmission took place during the conversation of a woman who worked in the so-called “sex telefon“. The woman who was talking on the phone decided that she would share her image with a person who at that moment wants to have sex with a stranger. The woman began to show herself undressing in front of a camera suspended on a drone. She did it in a discreet place away from people, which was not what she believed until we told her about it. The girl felt very comfortable, which made her very natural, she wanted to keep contact with the man as long as possible, she decided that she would reveal her body more and more and show more and more. Remote control of the drone enabled her to show herself from virtually every side, which made her more attractive and thus more and more arouses the interest of the interlocutor, who not only hears carefully and with curiosity, but also sees a naked woman on her phone who responds to his commands. With every minute of looking at this whole situation, it can be said that the man is getting more and more aroused and has more and more demands on what the woman is supposed to do. We will not describe here sex acts on the phone of a sexually stimulated girl who is at work.

This is another example of how new technology based on artificial intelligence has been used. The transmission of video data using a drone is a very big progress and is a direction in which many manufacturers will follow. This technology was first used in drones for military purposes, now it has been used in civilian technology. I think that in the near future the technology of video transmission via drones will become more and more popular and more often used not only by women who work in phone sex but also by those who earn money on sex webcams. From a technical point of view, it is easy to implement from the drone user level. Which is also of great importance which translates into the choice of this technology and not another.

Phone sex has become a good business, investing a little money in devices including, for example, drones, you can earn money. Direct contact with a stranger girl who is able to show us everything we ask her for is something that more and more girls agree to. In the future, it may become competitive with sex cams. This is a job especially for people who like to imagine themselves in various love situations that they will then be able to present to others live without any embarrassment.

Conducting sex phone calls using drones is something that needs to be considered and thought about for safety reasons. Security understood in terms of access to materials that should not be viewed by persons under 18 years of age. A girl who shows her naked body on a sex phone cannot verify the age of the person calling the hotline. One more aspect should be noted, namely the woman who will share the video may not be of full age. Drones enable data transmission from anywhere, which in this case is extremely dangerous. Such a person may move away from home where they will no longer be controlled by their parents.

Artificial intelligence allows us to make our lives easier in everyday duties, which means that we do not realize what threats it brings. Especially for young people who are just entering adult life. That’s where it’s very dangerous.